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Miniland – is an indoor playroom created to offer children and families a fun and entertaining pastime. It is a place where kids can play, explore, and develop their skills through various activities.

In Miniland, a variety of organized events are available, aimed at entertaining and nurturing children’s development. Games, performances, workshops, or musical shows may be organized to keep children engaged and provide them with opportunities to participate in different activities.

In addition to daily activities, Miniland is also an excellent venue for hosting children’s birthday parties. We can organize private parties where all the important guests are invited. Our birthday party area can accommodate up to 40 people and is suitable for children aged 0 to 10, but there are also activities available for older guests.

Miniland is a wonderful place for children to have a fun and safe time. For parents, it’s an excellent place to relax, enjoy coffee/tea, and even bring their own snacks.

We have the best indoor playroom in Tallinn and Viimsi.


You can download the invitation in PDF format: for a girl / boy or click on the image below.


Our game room is unique for its large and unique maze, which offers the joy of discovery for both boys and girls.

Princess's Corner

Girls enjoy a separate princess corner where to play hairdresser and try your hand as a make-up artist.

Piter Pan Corner

Boys will have fun in Peter Pan angle: trampolines, slides, cars and many other interesting is available.


Miniland Play Room

Pärnamäe tee 4a

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